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The top tactical rail on the Zeus MXV-1200.

For the standard N-Strike-style Nerf accessory rail, see Tactical rail.

A tactical rail is a feature on Nerf RIVAL and Hyper blasters.


Tactical rails are used to mount accessories to RIVAL blasters. While the majority of tactical rails are integrated into their blasters, the Zeus MXV-1200 comes packaged with its side rails detached, to save packaging space. Additionally, the Nemesis hopper has a tactical rail at the top, made of the same clear plastic that the rest of the hopper is made of, and thus is technically removable. Unlike normal tactical rails, they are slotted at constant intervals and do not require a locking tooth for attachments. Thus attachments can be attached virtually at any segment of the rail.

Nerf accessories compatible with standard tactical rails can be attached to the RIVAL tactical rail by snapping them on, instead of sliding them into place, however, they will be less stable.[1]

The release of the 2021 Hyper series of blasters saw the inclusion of RIVAL-style tactical rails, over the standard version.


The first RIVAL tactical rail accessory to be released was the Magazine clip in 2015.


  • While the original tactical rail may have been inspired by the Picatinny rail system, the slotted RIVAL tactical rail has a much more similar appearance and functionality to it. Despite this, the two are not compatible and Picatinny-based gear can only be mounted on a RIVAL blaster with modifications.


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