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The tactical rail on the Covert Squad.

A tactical rail is a feature found on some Buzz Bee and Buzz Bee-produced Adventure Force blasters.


The Buzz Bee tactical rail is similar to the Nerf tactical rail. Unlike Nerf tactical rail accessories, however, Buzz Bee rails are located exclusively at the top of blasters for attaching mostly aiming accessories, and not on the sides or underneath the blaster. Buzz Bee rails also have small grooves running along the middle as their locking mechanism.

The slotted tactical rail on the Monorail Blaster.

A variant of the Buzz Bee tactical rail is present on the Monorail Blaster. Similar to a RIVAL tactical rail, the rail is slotted and significantly longer than regular Buzz Bee rails, and allows the user to properly attach any tactical rail aiming accessory at any part of the rail. Despite it arguably being a significant improvement over the regular Buzz Bee tactical rail, neither Buzz Bee nor Adventure Force have released any other blasters with this variant of the rail since.


The first Buzz Bee blaster to feature the tactical rail was the Air Blasters Extreme Range Master in 2012. The first Adventure Force blaster to have a rail was the Alpha Rogue in 2017, the same year Buzz Bee started producing Adventure Force-brand blasters.

The slotted variant of the rail was first featured on the Monorail Blaster in 2017. It is currently the only blaster to feature this design.

Products with tactical rails

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