This is an article about the 2017 Nerf Tactical Vest. For other uses, see Tactical Vest.

The Tactical Vest is a Nerf-branded Jazwares product that was released in fall of 2017.

It comes packaged in the Supreme Strategy Pack product set.


The Tactical Vest is a vest that can store up to ten darts and one clip, but it is possible to store more in the mesh pouch. It is also adjustable, like many other Nerf vests.

A variant of the Tactical Vest also exists that is included in the Supreme Strategy Pack, which can hold up to ten darts and three clips at a time; this version also has a mesh pouch that could store small blasters and other small objects, much like the original.


The Tactical Vest was originally leaked in summer of 2017.

A variant of the Tactical Vest was shown at the 2017 London Toy Fair. This variant could hold up to thirty darts, one clip and a small blaster like the Triad EX-3, but didn't have the life meters that the original versions have; however, it retained the mesh pouch.


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