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This article features an Adventure Force-related subject.

Tactical Strike is a series of Adventure Force blasters that was released in fall of 2017.


The Tactical Strike series features a number of performance-oriented blasters, advertising firing ranges above standard Adventure Force ones. Products released under its name are similar to those from the Nerf RIVAL and Dart Zone Pro series.


The Tactical Strike series initially began in 2017 consisting of only RIVAL-style blasters, similar to the Dart Zone BallistixOps series; it would expand in 2020 to include a dart blaster and its higher-performance ammunition, as compared to Adventure Force standard Long Distance Darts.

Tactical Strike products


Name Year
Accelerator.png Accelerator 2017
Titanium.png Titanium 2017
Quantum.jpeg Quantum 2018
Liberator.jpeg Liberator 2019
Sentryx2.jpeg Sentry X2 2019
Aeon Pro.jpeg Aeon Pro 2020
NexusPro.jpeg Nexus Pro 2020
Conquestpro.png Conquest Pro 2021
Afmonolith.png Monolith 2021


Name Year
TacticalStrikeRound.png Tactical Strike Round Refill Pack 2017
AF Half-Length Refill 100.jpeg Pro Half-Length Dart Refill Pack 2020
Pro-Series-15-Standard-Dart-Magazine-3-Pack 0004 Long-Dart-1.jpg Fifteen dart magazine 2021
Short-Dart-3pk 0004 Short-Dart-1.jpg Fifteen half-length dart magazine 2021
NexusPro stock.jpg Nexus Pro shoulder stock and O-rings 2021
TacticalSight.jpg Tactical sight 2021