Tactical Strike is a series of Adventure Force ball blasters that was released in fall of 2017.


The Tactical Strike series features blasters in the vein of Nerf's RIVAL series. They have similar performance and fire Tactical Strike Rounds, similar to RIVAL High-Impact Rounds.

Like Nerf RIVAL, Tactical Strike is meant to be a team-oriented series. However, unlike RIVAL's Team Red and Blue, the blasters themselves are not painted a single team color, and instead feature detachable team panels that reflect the user's team, making it easy to switch teams on a blaster. There are three team colors on the panels: red, green, and blue. Many of the blasters have either a primarily green and blue color scheme.

The Dart Zone counterpart to Tactical Strike is BallistixOps.

Tactical Strike products


Name Year
Accelerator Accelerator 2017
Titanium Titanium 2017
30b9bba2-4bd0-49fc-8497-dfad66867d13 1.4de165af5fcc31c9efb4fdb2ef02eb00 Quantum 2018
Liberator Liberator 2019
Sentryx2 Sentry X2 2019


Name Year
TacticalStrikeRound Tactical Strike Round 2017
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