The T-Rex Tranq Gun is a promotional Kenner blaster that was released in 1997 to promote the film The Lost World: Jurassic Park.

It comes packaged with two Micro Darts.


The blaster is a bolt-action single shot blaster, similar to a Max Force Eagle Eye. Like the Eagle Eye, a scope is also included, which is powered by an unknown amount of batteries. Information on this blaster is scarce due to it not being sold under the Nerf brand. The bolt is only found on one side of the blaster; it is absent on the left side. This means the blaster was designed with right-handed users in mind.

Despite being sold as a movie-based product, the T-Rex Tranq Gun bears very little in common with any of the three tranquilizer guns seen in the movie.[2]


It was sold in 1997 alongside the Ambush Rip Rockets Hidden Shot, under the guise of a tranquilizer gun within the Dino-Tracking Gear Set. Like most promotional blasters, it likely had a short lifespan, and when promotion for the movie ended, this blaster was most likely discontinued.

Reloading and firing

To reload the T-Rex Tranq Gun, simply insert one dart into the front barrel of the blaster. Pull the bolt back all the way to prime the blaster.

Pull the trigger to fire a dart.


  • The term "tranq" in the name of the blaster is an abbreviation for "tranquilizer".
  • While advertised in a 1997 catalog to include three darts, the final version of the blaster only came with two.



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