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Not to be confused with Switch Shot EX-3 or the Switch Shot Super Soaker.

Switch Shots is a sub-series of Nerf AirJet Power blasters that was released in 1999.


Blasters released under the Switch Shots sub-series featured the ability to fire both water and darts. Blasters were able to switch between the two ammunition types on the fly, as they were air-powered and had a single air tank for both firing modes. All blasters in this line fired Mega Darts and bore the Switch Shots series name in their titles. The darts featured in this line all bore cyan bodies with orange tips, a color scheme exclusive to the Switch Shots line.


The Switch Shots sub-series was released alongside the AirJet Power Plus line, starting with the Switch Shots Super and Switch Shots Ultra in December 1999.[1]

The series lasted a year and was discontinued in 2000.

Switch Shots products


Name Year
Switchshotssuper.jpeg Switch Shots Super 1999
SwitchShotsUltraBox2.jpg Switch Shots Ultra 1999
NerfSwitchShotsMax.jpg Switch Shots Max 2000


  • Since their discontinuation, the Switch Shots sub-series blasters were the only ones that incorporated both darts and water into a single blaster until the release of the Nerf Super Soaker DartFire in 2017.

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