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The Swarmfire is a Nerf blaster that was released in 2011 under the Dart Tag series. It requires six "C" batteries to be operated.

It comes packaged with a shoulder stock, twenty Tagger Micro Whistler Darts, and instructions.


The Swarmfire is a motorized dart blaster that is capable of holding up to twenty darts in its front turret. Like the remainder of the 2011 Dart Tag line, its shell comes in many different pieces and layers and it lacks a tactical rail. It has a detachable shoulder stock similar to the LongStrike CS-6's integrated stock, although the stock of the Swarmfire is easily unlocked while the LongStrike's stock is not meant to be removed without shell disassembly.

The power switch for the blaster is located on top of the blaster in front of the shoulder stock. It cannot be fired without the blaster being turned on and does not feature a manual firing mode. The battery tray is located in the front handle grip of the blaster.

Official description


The Swarmfire was known as the Dart Tag 20 before its official announcement and its release.[2] It was the first 2011 Dart Tag blaster to be revealed.

Like the Sharp Shot and Speedload 6, the Swarmfire was re-released in 2012 with a blue trigger and stronger internals. The 2012 Speedswarm is very similar to this blaster, and is in many ways a minimized variant of the Swarmfire, with the notable difference being the limited capacity of ten darts.


  • Unlike other electronic blasters, the Swarmfire does not drain its batteries when the blaster is on.
  • It is the first Nerf blaster to use "C" batteries.
  • The LongStrike and Swarmfire also share very similar handles.[3]



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