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This article features an Adventure Force-related subject.This article features a Dart Zone-related subject.

A Super Dart is a type of Dart Zone dart that was released in 2014.


The Super Dart is an ammunition type for Dart Zone and Adventure Force blasters. They are compatible with Nerf blasters that fire Elite Darts.


The Super Dart was phased out in 2019 in favor of a direct successor, the Sureshot Series Super Dart.[1] These new darts feature waffle-tip heads.

Refill sizes

Super Dart refill packs come in the following sizes:

Adventure Force

Size Price
Super dart AF.jpeg 50 ?

Dart Zone

Size Price
50 dart super.png 50 ?
50 dart powerstrike.jpg 50
(Powerstrike Set)
100 super dart.png 100 24.99 USD


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