The Super Charger series is a series of Larami Super Soakers that began in 1999.


This series is a hybrid of the successful CPS line; it features CPS-like soakers with new, Super Charger capabilities. What Super Charger soakers featured were what is known as a Q.F.D. ("Quick-Fill Device"). This allowed faster reloads due to the fact that soakers using this would simply connect to a hose, and the soaker would fill itself. Despite the new capabilities, it didn't catch on, and the series was short lived because of this. Certain soakers in the series, such as the Power Pak, required a Q.F.D. to function and would only fill using that method.


In 2000, three of the soakers from the first line were re-introduced with a new color scheme, and two new soakers were produced. The lineup was discontinued after 2000. No soakers from this series were re-released under any further line, although the Monster series used the same technology and mechanics for its soakers.



Three different Q.F.D.s.

Main article: Quick-Fill Device (Super Charger)

The Q.F.D. underwent two designs while under the Super Charger series. The first design, seen in the bottom right of the picture, was released with 1999 soakers. In the middle left corner, the 2000 updated version of the Q.F.D. can be seen. This was due to some breaking and stability issues.

With the introduction of the Monster series, the Super Charger Q.F.D. was also given an update. This can be seen in the background of the image.


Super Soakers

Name Year
SuperChargerPowerPak Power Pak 1999
SuperCharger400-2 Super Charger 400 1999
SuperCharger500 Super Charger 500 1999
SuperCharger600 Super Charger 600 1999
SuperChargerBigTrouble Big Trouble 2000
SuperChargerTripleCharge Triple Charge 2000


Name Year
QFDmk2 Quick-Fill Device 1999

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