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Super Charger is a series of Larami Super Soakers that began in 1999.


The Super Charger series is a hybrid of the successful CPS line; it features CPS-like soakers with new, "Super Charger" capabilities, that featured use of a Quick-Fill Device ("Q.F.D.") that allowed a hose to be connected for faster filling times. Certain soakers in the series, such as the Power Pak, required a Q.F.D. to function and would only fill using that method.


In 2000, three of the soakers from the first wave of Super Charger products were re-introduced with a new color scheme. The series would be shortly discontinued after this. No soakers from this series were re-released under any further line, although the Monster series used the same technology and mechanics for its soakers.

Super Charger products

Super Soakers

Name Year
SuperChargerPowerPak.jpg Power Pak 1999
SuperCharger400-2.jpg Super Charger 400 1999
SuperCharger500.jpg Super Charger 500 1999
SuperCharger600.jpg Super Charger 600 1999
SuperChargerBigTrouble.jpg Big Trouble 2000
SuperChargerTripleCharge.jpg Triple Charge 2000


Name Year
QFDmk1.jpg Quick-Fill Device 1999

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