SuperMAXX Xtreme is a series of Larami blasters that was released in 1995.


Most blasters under the SuperMAXX Xtreme series were air-powered. Their primary ammunition was SuperMAXX Darts.


All blasters from SuperMAXX Xtreme were either re-releases of previous SuperMAXX blasters or were later re-released under Nerf's SuperMAXX series. The series was most likely discontinued in late 1995 after Hasbro purchased Larami.

SuperMAXX Xtreme products


Name Year
Nerf-supermaxx-700-nerf-gun 1 47593f7ff936c299388073322afec888 SuperMAXX 700 1995
SuperMaxx2500 SuperMAXX 2500 1995
SuperMaxx5000X SuperMAXX 5000 1995
SuperMaxxBallBlaster SuperMAXX Xtreme Ball Blaster 1995
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