The SuperMAXX Disc Shooter is a Nerf blaster that was released in 1998 under the SuperMAXX series.

It comes packaged with six discs.


The SuperMAXX Disc Shooter was the first Nerf blaster to fire discs. It uses an advancing and priming handle, which pushes the discs into place as well as priming the blaster. It uses a design similar to other SuperMAXX blasters, such as the SuperMAXX 250 and the SuperMAXX 5000.

It was one of the only blasters Nerf made that fires discs before the release of the Vortex series in 2011.


This blaster has a spiritual successor in the form of the Motorized Disk Launcher. The Motorized Disk Launcher was released only several years after this blaster, and improved slightly on its relatively poor performance.

The blaster sold particularly well during its first two years of production and was sold until at least 2000.[1]


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