A SuperMAXX Dart is a type of Larami dart and ammunition.


SuperMAXX Darts are as a wide as a Mega Dart, and feature larger holes in the body compared to a Mega Dart. Shorter than Micro Darts, they performed slightly better than them[citation needed] and were popular due to this boost in performance. Their size is also similar to Stefan darts.

There are three variations of the dart: the original black or yellow variants produced by Larami, and then green variants produced by Nerf. The Larami variant is markedly shorter than the Nerf variant.

They can be fired from most blasters that fire Mega Darts.


SuperMAXX Darts were introduced in 1994 under Larami's original SuperMAXX series. When Hasbro bought out Larami in 1997, they were carried over for use with the Nerf SuperMAXX blasters. Few of the newer blasters used this ammunition type, as Hasbro wanted to have the SuperMAXX series uniform with the other Nerf series by only utilizing the main two dart types, Micro Darts and Mega Darts, and not create the need for a third. Despite this, Hasbro produced two refill packs for the dart, one even under the unrelated Nerf Action series.

Within several years after Hasbro bought of Larami, all the blasters that used SuperMAXX Darts were upgraded to fire Micro Darts, or in the case of the SuperMAXX 5000, were simply abandoned. The dart was officially discontinued in July of 1999.[1]

Color schemes

The SuperMAXX Dart has been sold in the following color schemes:

Refill sizes

SuperMAXX Darts refill packs can be purchased in the following sizes:

Size Price
LaramiDartRefill 6 ?


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