The SuperMAXX 5000 is an air-powered Nerf blaster that was released in 1998 under the SuperMAXX series.

It comes packaged with one Ballistic Ball, three SuperMAXX Darts, and three arrows.


It fires three types of ammo: Ballistic Balls, SuperMAXX Darts, and arrows. It features a bright color scheme, including sand-yellow, blue, purple and orange. The blaster was designed to be efficient in battle; it could fire any of the main ammunition types at the time (minus the Micro Dart and Mega Dart).

It features a special attachment that allows the blaster to fire Ballistic Balls; it is somewhat similar to the attachment used with the 1994 Switchfire. It also features arrow and dart storage.

Ammunition types

The blaster is compatible with SuperMAXX Darts, arrows and Ballistic Balls, as well as all derivatives of the above three types.

The SuperMAXX Dart function is similar to that of the SuperMAXX 750's; a single-fire, one-shot air-powered blaster. The one notable difference is the addition of ammunition holders, which the remainder of the line at the time lacked.

The arrow function was the same function as the SuperMAXX Dart function, as the arrows were slid over the same barrel the SuperMAXX Darts were placed in. These arrows were exclusive to Larami's blaster, and could not be purchased in any Nerf blaster, despite being identical apart from the color. A refill pack was made for these arrows, however was never sold while under the Nerf label. This was the last blaster to be released using the 11" arrows.

The Ballistic Ball function uses a separate piece which is attached to the front of the blaster. This operates similar to any typical ball blaster, although this is air-powered, and due to this, offers better performances than other ball blasters of the time.


This blaster was initially released under the Larami SuperMAXX line as the SuperMAXX 2000 and in the SuperMAXX Xtreme series as the SuperMAXX Xtreme 5000, in addition to the Air Master Xtreme line as the Air Master Xtreme 5000. These original Larami versions of the blaster used SuperMAXX Arrows and SuperMAXX Balls, unlike their later Nerf counterpart.

It never received the update that the SuperMAXX 250, SuperMAXX 750, SuperMAXX 1500 and SuperMAXX 3000 received.

Reloading and firing

To reload the SuperMAXX 5000, simply select and attach a barrel and load either one arrow/dart onto the first barrel, or load three balls into the second barrel. Pump the blaster about five times to fire a ball or arrow, and/or pump the blaster three times to fire a dart.

Pull the trigger to fire the blaster.


  • If modified to shoot Micro Darts, this blaster can reach incredible firing ranges of around a hundred and twenty feet.
  • It was commonly banned in wars at the time of its release due to its incredible firing strength when modified.
  • This blaster is among very few blasters to be able to shoot three different ammunition types, the only other two being the Mega Blitz Triple Torch and the N-Strike Modulus Tri-Strike.