Not to be confused with the blue or yellow versions of the SuperMAXX 3000.

The SuperMAXX 3000 is a Nerf blaster that was released in 1998 under the SuperMAXX series.

It comes packaged with ten Micro Darts.


The green version of the SuperMAXX 3000 differentiates from the yellow variation of the blaster; this version has air restrictors in it and also fires Micro Darts instead of SuperMAXX Darts. In order to use the not-as-wide Micro Darts, the barrels had to have an extra layer of plastic inserted in them in order for the Micro Darts to match the width of the previous SuperMAXX Darts. The blaster features an automatically rotating turret that rotates after the first pump.

The blaster shares the same shell of the original blaster minus some color scheme variations.

Reloading and firing

To reload the SuperMAXX 3000, insert eight darts into the front turret of the blaster. Pump the blaster six to eight times to prime the blaster.[1]

Pull the trigger to fire the blaster.



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