The SuperMAXX 2000, or the SuperMAXX System 2000, is a Larami dart blaster that was released in 1994 under the SuperMAXX series.

It comes packaged with three SuperMAXX Balls, two SuperMAXX Arrows, six SuperMAXX Darts and one target.


The SuperMAXX 2000 is an air-powered blaster that fires three types of ammunition using an interchangeable barrel system. Two different barrels are found on the blaster; the ball barrel and the dart/arrow barrel, which can be detached and stored on the blaster itself. Various ammunition holders are found on the blaster, as well.


The SuperMAXX 2000 was re-released as the SuperMAXX Xtreme 5000 under the SuperMAXX Xtreme series. This would later be re-released as the Nerf SuperMAXX 5000. Because of this, performance is similar between both blasters. The only difference is in ammo; the 2000 used SuperMAXX Balls and SuperMAXX Arrows instead of the Nerf brand Ballistic Balls and arrows.

At one point in 1997, it was also sold under the Air Master Xtreme series as the Air Master Xtreme 5000.

Reloading and firing

To reload the SuperMAXX 2000, simply select and attach the barrel of your choice and load either one arrow/dart onto the first barrel, or load three balls into the second barrel. Pump the blaster five times to fire a ball or arrow, or for darts, pump the blaster three times.

Pull the trigger to fire the blaster.