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The SuperMAXX 1600 Rapid-Fire Ball Blaster is a cancelled Larami blaster that would have been released in 1995.

It would have come packaged with at least twelve SuperMAXX Balls.


It is a large-sized blaster, judging from the only known photograph on the internet.

The blaster would have featured an extremely similar design to the SuperMAXX 1500 Rapid-Fire Missile Blaster released around the same time, another immensely rare blaster.

It is a ball blaster that would have operated on a Super Soaker-style air pressure system, in which the blaster would be pumped before firing the ball. It is believed that there is a six-barreled turret, with each barrel holding between two and four balls, though likely only three balls.


Its eventual fate was unknown. From what is known, it never surfaced outside of pictures. The blaster was cancelled for unknown reasons, although it is entirely possible that the blaster actually saw a very small release in a limited test market. No physical copies have actually surfaced to date.

All the information known about the blaster comes from a mock-up of the blaster seen on page 38 of the 1995 Larami New York Toy Fair catalog. No other information is depicted about the blaster other than a mock-up box art and a design of the blaster itself.

Reloading and firing

To reload the SuperMAXX 1600, one would have had to insert the SuperMAXX Balls into barrels of the blaster. The blaster would have had to have been pumped at least twice to fire, though the final total is unknown.

Pulling the trigger would have fired the ball.


  • The mock-up image is also an edited version of the SuperMAXX 1500 Rapid-Fire Missile Blaster's image and does not actually show a blaster that had entered production.
  • There is an error on the blaster's air tank in the mock-up image, where it is identified as the "SuperMAXX 1600 Rapid-Fire Missile Blaster".
  • The SuperMAXX 1600's turret is similar in appearance to that of the 1994 Nerf Action Ballzooka