For the Nerf series of the same name, see SuperMAXX.

SuperMAXX is a series of Larami blasters that was released in 1994.


Most blasters under the SuperMAXX series were air-powered, using the same air pressure technology as the Super Soaker line of water blasters at the time. Their primary ammunition was SuperMAXX Darts.


Most blasters from this series would later be re-released under Nerf's SuperMAXX series in 1995, when Larami were bought out by Hasbro. The series was most likely discontinued around 1995.

SuperMAXX products


Name Year
Nerf-supermaxx-500-air-pressure-larami-pump-pistol-1994-vintage-super-maxx-rare-77f90c27d2d171792fccf34f4b07d20c SuperMAXX 500 1994
SM1K SuperMAXX 1000 1994
LaramiArrowShooter SuperMAXX 1500 1994
SuperMaxxSystem2000-2 SuperMAXX 2000 1994
SuperMaxxBallGun SuperMAXX Ball Shooter 1995
SuperMaxx1600 SuperMAXX 1600 Cancelled
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