For the Larami series of the same name, see SuperMAXX (Larami).

SuperMAXX is a series of Nerf blasters that was released in 1997.



The Nerf SuperMAXX series is a continuation of the Larami series of the same name, following Hasbro's purchase of Larami in 1995. A number of blasters from both it and SuperMAXX Xtreme were re-released under the Nerf brand; some of these would go on to have updated and changed counterparts. The most well-known of these is the SuperMAXX 2500, released as the Nerf SuperMAXX 3000, which had three versions.

The series lasted for three years before it was discontinued in 2001. After the series discontinuation, several blasters were modified and re-released under the 2002 Air Tech series.

SuperMAXX products


Name Year
Nerf supermaxx 750 SuperMAXX 750 1997
SuperMAXX1500Original SuperMAXX 1500 1997
Nerfsupermaxx3000yellow SuperMAXX 3000 1997
250box SuperMAXX 250 1997
Nerf supermaxx 3000 green SuperMAXX 3000 1998
Supermaxx5000 SuperMAXX 5000 1998
SuperMAXXDiscShooterLightDamage SuperMAXX Disc Shooter 1998
Supermaxx3000blue SuperMAXX 3000 1999
SM350Reg1 SuperMAXX 350 2000
SuperMAXX1500 2000box SuperMAXX 1500 2000
SM750-2 SuperMAXX 750 2001
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