A dart with a suction cup head.

A suction cup is a type of dart head. They are found on numerous dart types, from including Nerf darts, Buzz Bee darts, Air Zone darts, and more. When darts with a suction cup head hits a surface, it may stick for a few seconds. In some cases, well-kept darts can stay up on a surface for minutes on end.

Some blasters, such as the Backlash, have built-in suction cups on them.


Suction cups were first used on dart ammunition in 1992 with the release of the Sharpshooter Dart. With the release of the Micro Dart in 1993, a smaller suction cup was introduced.

The Mega Dart and Micro Dart's suction cup became smaller and modified with the release of the Airjet Power series, starting with the Lightnin' Blitz. Starting with this period of time, the size of the suction cup would very greatly. The peak length of a Micro Dart suction cup head identified thus far is seen packaged with the Iron Strike Blaster.

The suction cup became reverted to its larger form shortly after and continued to be used until 2012, when the newer Micro Dart variant was discontinued. The suction cup was revived shortly after with the release of the N-Strike Elite Suction Dart and Rebelle Collectible Suction Dart, both of which featuring a smaller type of suction cup, as well as being clip system-compatible.

List of ammunition with suction cup heads


Air Zone

Buzz Bee



  • Darts with suction heads stick the best to walls, mirrors, windows and occasionally, to other people.
  • If the user licks the suction cup, the dart may stick on surfaces longer.
  • In the Nerf N-Strike Elite video game, some missiles have suction cup heads.
  • Various types of arrows also had suction cups on them depending on what blaster they were packaged with, including the Sonic Stinger Bow 'n' Arrow. Some were sold in refill packs.