Not to be confused with Micro Darts.

Suction Dart is a type of Nerf dart that was released in 2014.


The Suction Dart is a variant of Elite Dart with a suction cup tip. Unlike the older Micro Darts, where the dart head is larger than the body, the dart heads on Suction Darts are the same width as the body.

This allows for use with all Elite blasters, clip system blasters and with most other N-Strike and Dart Tag blasters.

Some Suction Darts come with or without a "W" letter code, below the suction cup, much like regular Elite Darts.

Official description


Suction Darts have vastly improved performance over standard Elite Darts. Regular Elites suffer from horrible inaccuracy and spread due to intentional aerodynamic flaws meant to comply with toy safety regulations. Suction Darts, on the other hand, are designed for better accuracy and velocity, all the while fixing the design flaws. Regular Elites possess a small hole in the dart tip, which causes the dart to spiral, fishtail, or swerve uncontrollably when fired. Suction Darts, however, have a solid suction cup tip with no holes. Thus, when Suction Darts are fired, air passes around the dart evenly, and the dart's shape does not distort, allowing for a stable and balanced trajectory. As a result of this design, Suction Darts have far less spread and far more reliability than the standard Elites. The suction cup head still creates suitable drag, likely to meet toy safety regulations.


It is the successor to the Micro Dart. It was originally believed that it would be released on May 20th, 2014; however, it was released early with the rest of the spring 2014 products.

Suction Dart variants

Collectible Suction Dart


The Collectible Suction Dart.

A Collectible Suction Dart is a variant of the Rebelle Collectible Dart.

It features a suction cup head that allow the darts to stick to surfaces like walls, windows, and mirrors. Unlike the N-Strike Elite Suction Dart, the Collectible Suction Dart features a very similar design to the older Micro Dart, with plastic that runs along the top of the dart's foam.

Because of its suction cup tip, it is not compatible with clip system Rebelle blasters. Neither color scheme variant of the dart featured the Rebelle logo or other designs commonly seen on Rebelle darts.

Refill sizes

Suction Dart refill packs come in the following sizes:

Size Price
12SuctionDarts 12 5.99 USD
SuctionDart 30 9.99 USD


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