The Stryker Force is a Buzz Bee blaster that was released in 2017 under the Air Warriors series.

It comes packaged with a flip-up sight, six Precise Pro Darts, and two Long Distance Darts.


The Stryker Force is a pump-action blaster with a six dart turret that auto-advances. It features a flip-up sight that can be detached via its tactical rail.

It advertises a firing range of up to fifty feet (fifteen meters).


The Stryker Force was first shown off at the 2017 New York Toy Fair.

It was re-released as the Adventure Force Exact Attack with no changes to color scheme. The Exact Attack's firing range claim was boosted to a hundred feet (thirty meters). This updated release of the blaster was later re-released as the Stryker Force again, back into the Air Warriors series.


  • The Stryker Force bears striking resemblance to the Zenith; they are both pump-action blasters with six-shot turrets, a similar red color scheme, and feature a rail for attaching the same flip-up sight. They were also both released in 2017.


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