The Street Zone Football is a Nerf product that was released in 2002 under the Street Zone sub-series.


The Street Zone is a relatively unknown football from approximately 2002. From what be seen by the packaging, this ball is similar to a Turbo Jr. Football. It has a crack design on the ball itself. The ball is designed with "soft-but tough construction".[1]It is most likely targeted towards a younger audience based upon the styling of the ball as well as the logo on the packaging.


The Street Zone was seen on the Nerf website until at least December 2003.[2] When the Nerf website was updated in 2004, this was one of many products to be removed from the website.

The Street Zone name would later be applied to the 2004 re-branding of the Nerf Sports line, when the line was split into two lines; Street Zone and Pro Shop. The Street Zone line is well known for introducing the Complete 2-Player System, the first product in the long-lasting Dart Tag series.

Color schemes

The Street Zone Football has been released in the following color schemes:

  • Black and red
  • Gray and red



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