The Streamline Dart, later renamed the Clip System Dart, is a type of Nerf dart.

They are compatible with clip system Nerf blasters, as well as any type of clip or drum.


They are notorious for having inconsistent accuracy due to the long rubber stick in the foam and the hollow dart head. Overused and broken Streamline Darts are also known to jam up blasters and make them very hard to use. The darts become softer with use. Dart posts are also infamously known to "mutilate" and "impale" bent darts. Sometimes, longer dart posts even prohibit the use of the Streamline Dart, as its rubber stick prevents the post from being inserted properly into the dart.


The Streamline Dart was first introduced with the Longshot CS-6 in 2006, the first blaster to use the modern clip system.

In 2012, the Streamline Dart was beginning to be replaced by its successor, the Elite Dart. This dart is also compatible with the clip system, but has a shorter rubber stick, allowing it to be used in blasters with longer dart posts.

Color schemes

Streamline Darts have been released in the following color schemes:


Modified Streamlines often fix inaccuracy problems. One of the most popular modifications for the Streamline Dart is to cut an opening on the dart head and fill it in with hot glue. This will increase the range of the Streamline by about ten or so feet. However, it also causes more pain when someone is hit by one, due to the fact that the dart head is no longer hollow.

Refill sizes

Streamline Dart refill packs come in the following sizes:

Size Price
Unknown 5 ?
StreamlineDart10 10 3.99 USD
Streamline16 16 5.49 USD
StreamlineDart20Pack 20 5.49 USD
StreamlineDart30 30 (includes a mesh bag and belt clip) 8.99 USD
StreamlineDart36 36 9.99 USD
StreamlineDart100 100 (includes an N-Strike patch) 19.99 USD


  • Some Streamline Darts will whistle if shot at a certain velocity.
  • These darts are often used to create grenades.
  • The Whiteout Streamline Darts work better than other types of Streamline Darts, due to a differently shaped dart head and thicker foam.
  • Dart heads on Streamlines have different letters based on which pack is purchased. Standard Streamlines have a K or T; the Bandolier Kit comes with darts that have an A; the Stampede ECS comes with darts that have an E; glow-in-the-dark Streamlines have a W.
  • Some A type Streamlines don't work with the Strongarm, but T types may work.
  • Strangely, the Sonic Stampede ECS is the only clip system blaster part of the Sonic Series that comes with the special green Sonic Streamline Darts. Blasters such as the Sonic Deploy CS-6 only come with standard Streamlined Darts.


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