Not to be confused with the AirJet Power Stinger or the Dart Tag Stinger.

The Stinger SD-1 is a Nerf blaster that was released in fall 2019 under the Alpha Strike series.

It comes packaged with eight Elite Darts.


The Stinger SD-1 is essentially a re-shell of the Jolt EX-1. It is a small, pocket-sized blaster that holds one dart at a time.

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Blaster sets

Like the rest of the Alpha Strike line, the Stinger can be bought in several blaster sets. This includes the Battalion Set, a multi-pack with the Lynx SD-1, the Mission Ops Set, and the Ultimate Mission Pack, as well as the Stinger's 4-Pack, 8-Pack, as well as its Targeting Set.


  • SD could stand for “Single Dart”.
  • The Stinger is currently the cheapest Nerf blaster to date.
  • The blaster shares a name with the 2013 Dart Tag Stinger, another Jolt-style blaster.


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