Not to be confused with the 2015 Star Wars Dart.

Stiff Dart is an unofficial name for a type of promotional Hasbro dart and ammunition that was first used in 2011.


A Stiff Dart is a rather small dart that is around the same length as a Nerf Micro Dart. It features a flat, hard plastic tip with a thinner amount of foam. The dart itself is more durable than a regular Micro Dart due to a thin piece of plastic running down the center of the dart, which adds to the stability of the dart. They are currently only found in promotional blasters.

It is likely the Stiff Dart is based off of the Whistler Dart due to similar design and color schemes.


Stuff Darts were first introduced in 2011 with the promotional Star Wars line. It was featured in initially three blasters, however later on a re-released version of the Rebel Trooper Blaster was released including these darts with it.

Since then, it has only been used twice; it was included with the Ninja Commando Blaster and the Captain Rex Electronic Blaster, both from 2012.

As of then, it can be speculated that the dart was discontinued to make way for the Elite Dart, although there are possibilities of the dart making another appearance in future promotional blasters.

Color schemes

The Stiff Dart has been released with the following color schemes:

Blasters packaged with Stiff Darts

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