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The Stealthfire Shield is a Nerf blaster that was released in 2013 under the Super Soldier Gear series to help promote the Captain America: The Winter Soldier film.

It comes packaged with four Elite Darts.


The Stealthfire Shield resembles a miniature version of Captain America's shield and mounts to the user's wrist for use. The trigger is located where the fingers sit, allowing for easy activation. A blue lever is seen at the back of the blaster, which is meant for converting it into a blaster. Above the handle is a hatch which is to be flipped up for reloading the blaster. This blaster has a failsafe to prevent dry-firing. If there are no darts in the barrels and the trigger is pulled, the blaster will convert back into a shield. The barrels of the blaster do not line up straight for unknown reasons.

The darts packaged with the Stealthfire Shield are slightly different from regular Elite Darts and are said to be made with inferior foam.[citation needed]

It advertises a range of up to twenty feet (six meters).

Reloading and firing

To reload the blaster, open up the hatch at the back of the shield to expose the four barrels. Load the four elite darts into each of the four barrels, then close the hatch.

Pull the blue handle at the back once to convert the blaster.

To fire the blaster, simply pull the trigger to fire a dart. Once all four darts have been shot, pull the trigger once more to turn the blaster back into its shield form.


  • Some of its internals are shared with the Snapfire 8.