Stats Blast, previously known as Air Zone, is a brand of dart blasters that began sometime in the 1990s.

They were exclusively sold at Toys "R" Us retail stores.


Stats Blast consists generally of re-releases of Buzz Bee, X-Shot, and Lanard dart blasters, or blasters made by Prime Time Toys. They have also adopted other brands that are not as well known into their labels, such as Banzai, in recent years.

They differ from the original products only on label, and occasionally color scheme of both the blaster and ammunition. The brand is also known for re-releasing their blasters under numerous different names.


The Air Zone brand started in the 1990s under the toy company Just Toys, with a small amount of blasters, such as the Air Bazooka and The Professional.

In the early 2000s, Air Zone had decided to start re-releasing blasters from other companies such as Lanard, Buzz Bee, and Zuru, to put under their label. At some point, the brand was acquired from Just Toys by Toys "R" Us, and given exclusive release to their retail stores only.

Within a few years, their blasters had changed color schemes multiple times, similar to Buzz Bee and their Air Blasters line. For example, in 2011, a variety of blasters were re-released under a red color scheme.[1]

In 2013, Air Zone began to rename some blasters from other companies such as the Panther and putting them under their own label.

The brand went through a name change in 2015, to the now-current Stats Blast moniker.

Air Zone products


Name Year
MicroRapidFire Micro Rapid Fire 1995
SuperMaxxBuzzerAirBazooka Air Bazooka 1998
EasySqueezeRapidFire6Shooter Easy Squeeze Rapid Fire 6 Shooter 1998
Hydrodarts Hydrodarts 1998
TheProfessional The Professional 1998
PeriscopeBlaster Periscope Blaster 1999
PowerBazooka Power Bazooka 1999
RapidFire10Shooter Rapid Fire 10 Shooter 1998
ArrowstormAirZone Arrowstorm 2009
PunisherGatlingBlaster Punisher Gatling Blaster 2009
PowerStrike48 Power Strike 48 2010
QuickfireAutoFedBeltBlaster Quickfire Auto Fed Belt Blaster 2011
QuickfireSniper Quickfire Sniper 2011
8DartsBlaster 8 Darts Blaster 2012
Dual3 Dual 2012
RogueAirZoneRed Rogue 2012
TurboFireAirZone Turbo-Fire 2012
TurboFireAirZone3 Turbo Fire 20 Shot 2012
X-ShotVigilanteZombie Vigilante 2012
X-ShotXcessZombie Xcess 2012
X-ShotZombieMicro Micro X Shot 2013
OverUnder-AirZone Over Under 2013
RenegadeAirZone Renegade 2014
20ShotMachineBlaster 20 Shot Machine Blaster ?
Unknown 4 Dart Blaster ?
8Shooter 8 Shooter ?
Unknown Air Zoomer ?
BallShooter Ball Shooter ?
BlastBazooka AirZone Blast Bazooka ?
BlowBlaster-Airzone Blow Blaster ?
CrankingCannon-Airzone Cranking Cannon ?
AirZoneCrossBow Cross Bow ?
StatsBlastCyclone Cyclone X5 ?
DartBow Dart Bow ?
DestroyerXL Destroyer XL ?
DoubleBarrel-AirZone Double Barrel Blaster ?
Quickfire12Box Double Barrel Shooter ?
Drumroll Drumroll ?
DualFireDartBlaster Dual Fire Dart Blaster ?
DualShot Dual Shot ?
Unknown Fire Shot ?
Unknown Foam Dart Blaster ?
FoamDartShooter Foam Dart Shooter ?
Unknown Foam Disk Shooter ?
Hawk redbox Hawk ?
TheHawk The Hawk ?
JaguarBoxAirZone Jaguar ?
MotorizedRotaryRapidBlaster Motorized Rotary Rapid Blaster ?
MotoTwinFireBlaster Moto Twin Fire Blaster ?
NeoSpike Neo Spike ?
Panther AirZone Panther ?
PhotonBurst Photon Burst Power Blaster ?
PowerboltBeltBlaster Powerbolt Belt Blaster ?
Powerstrike9 Power Strike 9 ?
Quickfire6 Quickfire 6 ?
Quickfire10 Quickfire 10 ?
Quickfire12 Quickfire 12 Shooter Double Barrel ?
QuickfireEagletImpactX Quickfire Eaglet Impact X ?
QuickfireGatlingBlaster Quickfire Gatling Blaster ?
QuickfirePowerstrike24 Quickfire Powerstrike 24 ?
Unknown Quickfire Sharpshooter ?
QuickloadPowerBlaster Quickload Power Blaster ?
Rapid8 Rapid 8 ?
Revolution Revolution ?
RingAccelerator Ring Accelerator ?
RocketStorm Rocket Storm ?
RotatorX8-AirZone Rotator X-8 Revolver ?
ScorpionBow Scorpion Bow ?
Sentry StatsBlast Sentry ?
BallBlaster-Sentry4 Sentry 4 ?
ShellShockX6-AirZonebox Shell Shock X-6 ?
StealthAirZone Stealth ?
StrykerCB3 Stryker CB-3 ?
Unknown Tek 3 ?
Tek6AirZone Tek 6 ?
Tek10Red Tek 10 ?
TetraRaptor Tetra Raptor ?
TetraStrike blue Tetra-Strike ?
TornadoX2 Tornado X2 ?
TriFire Tri-Fire ?
WindAttack8 Wind Attack 8 ?
X70 X-70 ?
X-ShotStalkerZombie X Shot Stalker ?
XtremeDartBow Xtreme Dart Bow ?


Name Year
XtremeDart 100 Xtreme Dart Refill ?

Product sets

Name Year
DivergentDual Divergent Dual Twin Pack 2017
HoverBlast Hover Shot 2018
ShootnShatter Shoot 'n' Shatter ?
DiscShooterCompetitionSet Disc Shooter Competition Set ?
Unknown Disc Shooter ?
Unknown Hurricane Blaster Pack ?



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