The Star Shot is a Nerf blaster that was released in 2014 under the Rebelle series. It requires two "AAA" batteries to operate its integrated light.

It comes packaged in the Star Shot product set.


The Star Shot, like the Pink Crush, is advertised as a "crossbow blaster", and has faux bow arms that connects to the plunger rod by a cord. Like the N-Strike Elite Firestrike, it features an integrated light that is powered by a small trigger under the main firing trigger. It also has a single tactical rail, but is molded separately instead of part of the shell unlike how the Firestrike is built.

The blaster shares a very similar design to the Pink Crush externally. Internally, it is more like the Firestrike, featuring similar but stronger internals, accessories, and a near identical mold. The rear grip uses a closed arched geometry with the spring plate molded in with the grip, allowing for a very rugged feel. The plunger rod is made of a higher density polyethylene than the Firestrike, allowing much more modability and sustained long life.

The bow strings of the blaster can be detached at the priming mechanism. The bow arms themselves hold up to six additional darts.


The Star Shot was first discovered alongside the Star Shot blaster set in December of 2013.[1]



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