For information on the standard blaster's features, see Spectre REV-5 (N-Strike).

The Whiteout Spectre REV-5 is a white variant of the Spectre REV-5 that would have been released in 2011 under the Whiteout Series.

It would have come packaged with a barrel extension, a Folding Stock, and five Whistler Darts [citation needed].


The Whiteout Spectre was a cancelled re-release of the N-Strike Spectre REV-5.


The Whiteout Spectre was never announced or seen on official packaging of other Whiteout blasters. Images of its packaging were discovered online, but no proof of the blaster's existence has ever been found. Due to this, it may be unlikely that a physical mock-up of the blaster ever existed. It is likely that it was cancelled during development stages for unknown reasons.

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