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This is an article about the N-Strike Elite Spectre REV-5. For other uses, see Spectre REV-5.

The Spectre REV-5 is a revolver Nerf blaster that was released in 2013 under the N-Strike Elite series.

It comes packaged with a Folding Stock, barrel extension, five Elite Darts, and instructions.

It is a Walmart exclusive in the United States.[3]


Like the N-Strike Spectre REV-5, the Spectre sports a tactical rail on top of the blaster and has the ability to use both shoulder stocks and barrel extensions. Unlike the original Spectre, It uses a direct plunger system instead of the original's reverse plunger system.

The cylinder is not rotated by trigger pull; instead, it is turned by priming the blaster. Pulling the slide back when it is already primed will not rotate the cylinder again. This prevents jams that result in the incomplete turn of the cylinder. There is a priming indicator in the rear mounting nub for shoulder stocks.

Left-handed use

This blaster was not designed for ambidextrous use. As such, some left-handed users may find its operation to be awkward. The Folding Stock that comes packaged with this blaster has a large hinge on the right hand side, which can get in the way while priming the blaster. However, this is remedied by simply unfolding or removing the stock. The revolving cylinder on this blaster flips out to the left, which may be awkward to reload if the user uses their right hand for reloading.

Official description


The N-Strike Elite Spectre REV-5 is an upgraded re-release of the 2010 N-Strike Spectre REV-5.




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