A Sonic Micro Dart is a type of Nerf dart that was released in 2003.


Sonic Micro Darts are variants of the Nerf Micro Dart. The ammo's signature whistle is created by a small opening in its dart head. This whistle is easier to hear indoors.

The whistling tip can make the dart inaccurate compared to other dart types. If the opening faces upwards when shot, it may improve distance, due to an updraft keeping the dart from dropping.

While the similar Whistler Dart featured a sturdier build to them, Sonic Micro Darts are reportedly more accurate and reliable.[citation needed]


Whistler Darts and Sonic Micro Darts were available during the same period of time. However, Sonic Micro Darts would be phased out of production in favor of the Whistler Dart. Despite this, Sonic Micro Darts were included with blasters rather than Whistler Darts in the United Kingdom.

Refill sizes

Sonic Micro Dart refill packs come in the following sizes:

Size Price
SMDart10 10 4.99 USD
SMDart30 30
(comes packaged with a mesh bag and a belt clip)
8.99 USD
SMDart100 100
(labeled as Whistler Dart, comes with an N-Strike patch)
19.99 USD
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