A Sonic Jet is a type of Nerf dart that was first introduced in 2002.

Like its patron blaster, it is now discontinued.


The Sonic Jet is a rather small winged ammunition and is used primarily for the Air Tech Jet Squadron. The Sonic Jet was uncommon at the time of its release for not being used in more than one blaster, and refill packs not being available in stores and only online. It was based off of the Screamin' Micro Dart; it was unique for having wings and resembling a jet plane. It has a head similar to the present-day Whistler Dart. It is also the only whistling dart with a red tip.

It has not been used since the discontinuation of its patron blaster, although refills were available online for quite some time after.


They were first introduced in 2002 with the Air Tech Jet Squadron; because of this, they were commonly called "Jet Squadron Jets" on some online websites.

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