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Sonic FIRE is a sub-series of N-Strike and N-Strike Elite blasters, as well as Super Soakers, that was released in 2014.


The Sonic FIRE sub-series, as its name suggests, is a counterpart to the Sonic ICE sub-series. Products released under the Sonic FIRE series feature transparent red plastic. Darts packaged with re-releases under this series are colored red with orange tips, with the exception of the Blazefire. The sub-series, along with Sonic ICE are successors to the Sonic Series.


The Sonic FIRE sub-series was first discovered with the release of the Tidal Tube & Alphafire Defender Pack on the Toys "R" Us website.

Sonic FIRE products


Name Year released
BarrelBreak-SonicFIRE.jpg Barrel Break IX-2 2014
Jolt-SonicFIRE.jpg Jolt 2014 (Jolt Team Pack)
Strongarm-SonicFIRE.jpg Strongarm 2014
Sonic fire blazefire.jpg Blazefire 2015

Products sets

Name Year released
JoltTeamPack.jpeg Jolt Team Pack 2014
TidalTubeAlphafireDefender.jpg Tidal Tube & Alphafire Defender Pack 2014

Super Soakers

Name Year released
Alphafire-SonicFIRE.jpg Alphafire 2014 (Tidal Tube & Alphafire Defender Pack)
TidalTube-SonicFIRE.jpg Tidal Tube 2014 (Tidal Tube & Alphafire Defender Pack)