The Sonic 6 is a Buzz Bee dart blaster that was released in fall of 2014 under the Air Warriors series. The lights and sounds are powered by an unknown amount of batteries.

It comes packaged with six Micro Darts.

The blue color scheme variant is exclusive to Walmart in the United States.[2]


The Sonic 6 is a simple spring blaster with a cylindrical barrel capable of holding up to six darts. It is incredibly similar to that of the Tek 6 or Surge 6 in both appearance and function although it is considerably larger than both blasters. The blaster features transparent parts on its shell for its lights and sounds function, most noticeably the barrel. The blaster's handle is very similar to the RADS 12's and is likely from a similar mold.

The main unique ability of the Sonic 6 is its included lights and sounds function. This is powered by an included set of batteries, which potential customers, in a "Try Me" fashion, can operate in store by pulling back the trigger. These cause the barrel of the blaster to glow as well as parts scattered around the blaster. The Sonic 6 is the first lights and sounds blaster since the release of the Thunderstrike in 2009. The speaker can be seen at the bottom of the blaster's shell close to the barrel. The sounds are heard when cocking and when firing the Sonic 6.[3]


The Sonic 6 was trademarked in February of 2014, several months before the blaster would see its reveal.[4] It would then be revealed in July of 2014 as a part of Buzz Bee's fall 2014 line.[5]

Color schemes

The Sonic 6 has been released in the following color schemes:

  • Yellow and blue
  • Blue and black


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