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SoakerTag is a series of Hasbro Super Soakers that began in 2004.


The SoakerTag series features an entirely new concept for its soakers: all new soakers were designed for competitive team play and all came packaged with SoakerTags. These SoakerTags, which the series borrowed its name from, were body targets that would clip to players and, when struck with water, would disintegrate. These were accompanied by several re-releases from the previous CPS, Max-D and XP lines.


The oldest soakers in the series is the XP-70, initially released in 1998 under the XP series. All five of the products were released under a later series, and one is still being produced in a distant form.

SoakerTag products

Super Soakers

Name Year
CPS4100SoakerTag.JPG CPS 4100 2004
HydroBladeBox.jpg Hydro Blade 2004
LiquidatorSoakerTag.jpg Liquidator 2004
MaxD2000SoakerTag.jpg Max-D 2000 2004
MaxDSecretStrikeTwinPack.jpg Max-D Secret Strike 2004
TripleAgressorSoakerTag.jpg Triple Aggressor 2004
VaporizerSoakerTag.jpg Vaporizer 2004
XP70SoakerTag.jpg XP-70 2004
LiquidatorXP215PackSoakerTag.png XP-215 2004
XP310SoakerTag.png XP-310 2004


Name Year
BodyTargets.jpg SoakerTag 2004

Product sets

Name Year
HelixTwinPack.jpg Helix Twin-Pack 2004
MaxD3000TwinPack.jpg Max-D 3000 Twin Pack 2004
XP220TwinPack.jpg XP-220 Twin Pack 2004
XP270TwinPack.jpg XP-270 Twin Pack 2004