A Smart Stick Shield is a type of BOOMco. blaster accessory.


Smart Stick Shields are, as their name suggests, shields. They can be attached to any BOOMco. blaster with an accessory rail. They can be folded up against the blaster and deployed out when needed by pressing the button on the rail piece of the shield. The front surface of the shield is covered with a surface compatible with Smart Stick Darts, that allow them to stick to it; it is the same surface used for Smart Stick Targets.


Smart Stick Shields were released with the majority of the 2014 BOOMco. blasters. The accessory as a whole was dropped from further BOOMco. blasters and have not been seen since.

Smart Stick Shields

Name Year
Farshot shields Farshot Smart Stick Shield 2014
RapidMadness-shield Rapid Madness Smart Stick Shield 2014
StealthAmbush-deployed Stealth Ambush Smart Stick Shield 2014
TwistedSpinner shields Twisted Spinner Smart Stick Shield 2014
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