A Smart Stick round is a BOOMco. accessory that was released in 2014.

It comes packaged with value packs of either the Twisted Spinner or Rapid Madness; it can also be purchased in the Rounds & Magazine refill pack.


Smart Stick rounds are essentially a grenade-like BOOMco. accessory. As its name suggests, they are made out of "Smart Stick material", which allows them to stick to special Smart Stick surfaces (Smart Stick Shields, Smart Stick Targets, etc.). Like with Smart Stick Darts, they cannot stick to walls, mirrors, and other surfaces, like darts with a suction cup dart head can. However, they still attract such debris as dirt and hairs.

There are various grooves and indents located along the surface of the rounds, likely more for appearance rather than any sort of performance boost. Rounds can be split apart into two pieces for easy cleaning. This ability to divide allows for customizing colors as well.

Color schemes

Smart Stick rounds have been released with the following color schemes:

  • Red
  • Lime green
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