A Smart Dart is a cancelled type of Nerf dart that would have been released under the Tek Strike series.


A Smart Dart is similar to that of an N-Strike Elite Suction Dart. Inside the foam body is a programmable RFID chip, which helps to register hits on a Storm Shield. Darts can be scanned to clarify who "owns" which dart; with the use of a smart phone with the Storm Shield, hits can be tracked.

Smart Darts would have been compatible with all Nerf blasters compatible with Elite Darts.


The Smart Dart was revealed alongside the Tek Strike line at the 2014 Toy Fair. Original designs appeared to have a large suction cup dart head, similar to suction cups featured on Micro Darts. This likely meant it would not have been clip system compatible. On the production variant of the dart, however, the tip was a streamline tip similar to the Elite Dart and its other derivatives.

As with the series as a whole, the Smart Dart was quietly shelved and, most likely, cancelled.[1][2]



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