The SlingStrike is a Nerf blaster that was released in 2015 under the N-Strike series.

It comes packaged with two Elite Darts and instructions.


The Slingstrike is a string-powered slingshot that fires darts instead of Ballistic Balls. Staying true to its slingshot design, it does not have a firing trigger. It is the N-Strike counterpart to the Secrets & Spies Slingback. It has the same internals and performance like the Slingback. It features two dart holders, one on either side of the blaster. The SlingStrike has a mechanical lock that prevents the string from being pulled if there is no dart loaded.


There are multiple ways to modify this blaster, one being changing out the cord. It can be difficult to get a correct size and strength one, however. The locking mechanism can also be removed so that the plastic tab can be pulled back without a dart being loaded.

Reloading and firing

To reload the SlingStrike, place a single dart into the dart loading area.

To fire a dart, pull back the plastic tab located at the end of the blaster and release.


  • Prototype renders of the SlingStrike were given the name Sling Shock.


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