The six dart clip is a Nerf dart clip. It comes packaged with the Centurion.

A bonus pack of the Centurion includes two Mega clips. It cannot be purchased separately.


Unlike other clip types, the N-Strike Mega six dart clip is only compatible with N-Strike Mega Mega Darts and is not compatible with Streamline Darts or Elite Darts. A small black "6" is seen at the bottom of the clip to indicate it can store up to six Mega Darts.

Much like the N-Strike Elite six dart clip, it has transparent orange plastic on one side for checking how many darts are left in the clip. Its bottom has a sharp slant; this is most likely due to the Centurion being advertised for use with its included Bipod Stand.

It is only compatible with the Centurion and its variations, as well as the Buzz Bee Tyrant and Boss.


Strangely, the six dart clip was left unchanged for the Sonic ICE variation of the Centurion. This is contrary to re-releases of other clips such as the Sonic ICE Retaliator's twelve dart clip, which was changed to feature a clear right half.

Previously, Hasbro has stated that no other N-Strike Mega blasters will feature use of the six dart clip. However, with the announcement of the 2020 MotoStryke, a new Mega Dart-style ten dart clip will be released; it is unknown if the blaster will be cross-compatible with the old Mega six dart clip.


  • Despite the fact that the Centurion is advertised for kids aged 8+, children around this age typically have difficulty handling the Centurion, especially with its large clip size.
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