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* [[Mediator]] (orange)
* [[Mediator]] (orange)
* [[Sonic ICE]] [[Hail-Fire (Sonic ICE)|Hail-Fire]] (clear plastic and orange)
* [[Sonic ICE]] [[Hail-Fire (Sonic ICE)|Hail-Fire]] (clear plastic and orange)
* [[Raptorstrike]] (clear plastic and gray with angled Bottom)
* [[RaptorStrike]] (clear plastic and gray with angled Bottom)
{{Ammunition Holders}}
{{Ammunition Holders}}

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Not to be confused with the N-Strike six dart clip.

The six dart clip, also known as a quick reload clip, is a Nerf dart clip.

It is available for separate purchase in the Hail-Fire Upgrade Kit, which comes packaged with four six dart clips.

It is also included with the Hail-Fire, Stryfe, SlingFireN-Strike Elite Tactical Vest Kit, and the N-Strike Elite Bandolier Kit.


It holds up to six Elite Darts or Streamline Darts at a time. It is aesthetically similar to the original six dart clip, except for its transparency;one side is clear, which allows users to see how many darts they have left in the clip. However, some versions of the six dart clip, like the ones included with the Recon MKII and the Mediator, it is not transparent.

Unlike the original, the N-Strike Elite version has a slightly angled bottom where the darts rest; the original had a flat bottom instead. Because of this, it is not compatible with the N-Strike Flip Clip.

As with all clips and drums, the six dart clip can actually fit one extra dart without modification. However, this can make the blaster more prone to jamming, so it is highly recommended that users only load in six darts at once.

At least in Europe, a running change added a tampographed "6" in front of the arrow on both sides of the top end of the clip. The same running change also affects the European release of the Tactical Vest Kit.

Color schemes

The six dart clip has been released with the following color schemes:

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