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This is an article about the N-Strike six dart clip. For other uses, see Six dart clip.

The six dart clip, also known as the quick reload clip, is a Nerf dart clip.

It can be found packaged with certain Nerf blasters or separately in refill or accessory packs.


As its name would suggest, it holds up to six Streamline Darts at a time. Any clip system blaster is compatible with this clip, and it is the most common form of clip. It is also compatible with Elite Darts.

As with all clips and drums, the six dart clip can actually fit one extra dart. However, this can make the blaster more prone to jamming, so it is highly recommended that users only put in six darts at once.


It was introduced in 2006 with the release of the Longshot CS-6. Early clips were yellow in color. When the Recon CS-6 was released, the color changed to orange.

The six dart clip was replaced in 2012 by the N-Strike Elite six dart clip. The N-Strike Elite clip features a different bottom and a partially transparent shell, although the clips are backwards compatible with most blasters.

The six dart clip made its last appearance in 2015 with the Elite Repaint Longshot CS-6 and with the Alpha Trooper CS-6 Mission Kit.


Before Nerf made the twelve dart clip, some modders would link two six dart clips together to make a twelve dart clip. This involved cutting the top of one, and the bottom of another, linking the springs and gluing them together.[1]

Color schemes

The six dart clip has been released with the following color schemes:



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