The Shot Blast scope is a Nerf Super Soaker scope accessory.

It comes packaged with a Shot Blast value pack and the Clear Shot.


This scope can be placed on any Nerf blaster or Super Soaker that has a tactical rail. The scope itself does not have any magnification abilities. This scope has one lens, with crosshairs on the outer lens.


It was initially released with the Shot Blast in a value pack, in both red and blue colors.

In 2011, when the Shot Blast was re-released into the Nerf Super Soaker line, it was given a new color scheme. This version came with every Shot Blast, and wasn't just found in a value pack as it had previously been.

It was re-released with the 2014 Zombie Strike Z.E.D. Squad Clear Shot, now known as the Targeting Scope on its packaging.

Color schemes

The Shot Blast scope has been released with the following color schemes:



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