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The Blast Shield, the first Nerf detachable shield.

A shield is a blaster accessory. Shields can help to block water, discs, missiles or darts.


Nerf and Super Soaker shields are typically plastic pieces that can be attached to the blaster through the usage of a tactical rail. This gives shields the ability to be used on a wide variety of blasters, although their size may prevent them from working on certain blasters. This problem most notably affects the Lightningstorm shield, which has part of it hanging down to the sides, which causes some wide blasters to not be compatible with it.

Depending on the rules set, shields may or may not be allowed to be used during Nerf wars. To avoid problems, ask the host of the war whether shields are allowed or not.


The first Nerf tactical shield was the N-Strike Blast Shield, which was released with the Stampede ECS in 2010.


Tactical rail-compatible

Name Year released
BlastShield.JPG Blast Shield 2010
HydroCannonshield.JPG Hydro Cannon shield 2011
LightningstormShield.jpg Lightningstorm shield 2012
BlastShield-modulus.jpg Blast Shield 2015
StorageShield.jpg Storage Shield 2017

Smart Stick Shields

The Farshot equipped with its Smart Stick Shields.

Main article: Smart Stick Shield

Smart Stick Shields are only compatible with Mattel BOOMco. blasters. Compatible with Smart Stick Darts, they allow BOOMco. ammunition (the aforementioned darts and Smart Stick Rounds) to stick to their surfaces.

Other shields

Name Year released
Assaultbunker.jpg Assault Bunker 2012
Battleshield.jpg Battle Shield 2012