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The Sharpshooter II is a Nerf blaster that was released in 1995 under the Nerf Action series.

It comes packaged with four Mega Darts.


The Sharpshooter II is a simple, spring-powered blaster. A notable feature of the Sharpshooter II is its two barrels that are fired separately, a similar feature to what was seen on the Secret Shot and Secret Shot II. Changing which barrel will be fired is done by changing the position of the blaster's green foregrip. The blaster features an iron sight at the end of the barrel.

Dart storage is found at either side of the blaster.


It is the successor of the 1992 Sharpshooter from the Original Nerf line of blasters.

It was released in the second line of Nerf Action blasters alongside the Secret Shot, Ripsaw and Crossbow. The Sharpshooter II is notable for being the first blaster to feature the new type of Mega Darts, known as "Type 2" Mega Darts.[4]


The Sharpshooter II, due to its simple internals, was incredibly popular with modders. The blaster is extremely simple to modify, with rebarreling being the most common mod for this blaster. Many modders choose to remove the second barrel of the blaster when modifying in order to focus performance on the top barrel.[5]

Another common method of modding a Sharpshooter II is banding, the act of placing rubber bands around the priming mechanism and placing them onto the blaster in order to have more pressure on the priming mechanism and to increase the range of the blaster.

The Sharpshooter II was the main blaster of infamous early Nerfer, Spoon1, who was well known for his modifications to the Sharpshooter II.[6] Upon the releases of the Lock 'n Load and the SplitFire, many Nerfers began using those blasters for modifications instead of the Sharpshooter II.[7] Since then, it has not had the same level of popularity, and is rarely seen in Nerf wars.


  • The Sharpshooter II has no dart posts, safety ridges, or barrel vents, and can fire ULTRA Darts quite effectively without modification.



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