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The Sharpshooter Dart is a type of Nerf dart that was released in 1992.

It comes packaged with the Sharpshooter. These darts were not sold in refill packs.


Sharpshooter Darts are essentially Mega Darts with fins on the dart body. Shortly after the original release of the Sharpshooter, all further darts lacked the fins on the dart that this had. Because of this, later versions of the Sharpshooter came with the Sharpshooter Dart's successor, the Mega Dart.


The Sharpshooter Dart was the very first dart-type Nerf ammunition. It was released in 1992 and came packaged with the Sharpshooter blaster; it proved to be a popular ammunition type and had quickly overshadowed the use of Ballistic Balls. Later versions of the Sharpshooter included standard Mega Darts instead of Sharpshooter Darts, however, for unknown reasons.

Today, these darts are commonly grouped together along with the first variation of Mega Dart, both known in some communities as "Type 1 Mega Darts".[1] They are extremely uncommon now and very difficult to find in perfect condition.


  • Because of the fins, the Sharpshooter Dart has somewhat of a resemblance to a Target Master Arrow.


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