The Sharp Shot is a Nerf blaster that was released in 2011 under the Dart Tag series.

It comes packaged with a plastic carabiner, four Tagger Micro Whistler Darts, and instructions.


The Sharp Shot is a single-fire blaster that holds a single dart at a time. Up to three additional darts can be stored in its integrated ammo storage. Its priming mechanism is similar to that of the Scout IX-3 and Maverick REV-6. The Sharp Shot's funnel-shaped muzzle is beveled for quick and easy frontal dart loading necessary for the fast-paced game of Dart Tag. It features a single iron sight located on the front barrel.

The detachable plastic carabiner is made of strong plastic that has a quick release ball and socket joint. The correct way to use the belt clip is by aligning the ball-joint to the cut on the other clip and pulling the blaster quickly in that direction.

Official description


It was re-released in 2012 with a blue trigger similar to the Speedswarm's and a blue dart holder. This re-release saw changes to the internals, which improved the performance of the blaster; this version featured a much more powerful spring.[2]

Blaster sets

The Sharp Shot is packaged in two blaster sets: the 1-Player Pack and the 2-Player Starter Pack.


  • This blaster is slightly smaller than many preferred N-Strike blasters, including external mechanism blasters. This makes it more useful for casual carrying. However, the darts in the storage may suffer damage when placed in a pocket due to the fact that they do not go into the storage fully, leaving part of the darts exposed.
  • Although it is already a very compact blaster, it has a surprising amount of space inside of it, earning praise for light modification potential.
  • The priming mechanism makes an extremely loud noise if the user lets it go after priming.[citation needed] This is why some Nerfers prime it without letting go of the priming mechanism.



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