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The seven round magazine is a Nerf High-Impact Round magazine that was released in 2015.

It comes packaged with the Apollo XV-700, the Helios XVIII-700, and the Stormtrooper Blaster and cannot be purchased separately.


As its name suggests, the seven round magazine holds up to seven High-Impact Rounds at a time. It is loaded from the top, through an orange opening; it can be loaded by manually loading each round into the top or by pressing the magazine down onto rounds on a surface. On the top next to the opening is a button that releases all rounds inside the magazine.

Unlike the twelve round magazine and due to its size, the seven round magazine is only compatible with the Apollo XV-700, Helios XVIII-700, Hypnos XIX-1200, and the Hera MXVII-1200. However, it will not feed into the Zeus MXV-1200.