The Sergeant Jyn Erso Deluxe Blaster is a Nerf blaster that was released in fall of 2016 under the GlowStrike sub-series to promote the Rogue One:A Star Wars Story film. It requires four "AA" batteries to be operated.

It comes packaged with a six dart clip, six GlowStrike Darts, instructions, and pre-packaged demo batteries.


The Sergeant Jyn Erso Deluxe Blaster is a battery-operated flywheel clip system blaster, similar to the N-Strike Modulus Modulus ECS-10 or the N-Strike Elite Stryfe. It features compatability with some barrel extensions and detachable shoulder stocks, and one tactical rail. When the firing trigger is pulled, it also emits a sound and the top, front of the blaster lights up.

Official description


Although the blaster is nominally compatible with barrel extensions, the lack of a locking dimple, combined with the location of the positioning grooves on the barrel, mean that in practice, only extensions that lock to the barrel itself (e.g. the Spectre barrel extension) are usable.

Reloading and firing

To reload the Sergeant Jyn Erso Deluxe Blaster, turn off the blaster. Press and hold the clip release button and remove the equipped clip. Load up to six darts into the packaged clip and load it into the blaster. Turn the blaster back on and pull the acceleration trigger to rev up the flywheels.

Pull the firing trigger to fire a dart.

It may take a moment for the flywheel system to reach full speed; if full acceleration is not permitted, range will be decreased.