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Secrets & Spies is a sub-series of Nerf Rebelle blasters that was released in fall of 2014.


The Secrets & Spies sub-series revolves around a theme of sending secret messages via darts and "invisible ink". Most products released under the series come packaged with a special marker, designed to be hard to read on the series unique darts, Message Darts. The message is read by the use of a message decoder: a clear, red tube-like device which shows the message by canceling the red spots on the dart, which reveals the blue. Similarly, most products come packaged with a decoder accessory as well. Some blasters have red barrels or sections which show the message while the dart is loading in the blaster.


The Secrets & Spies sub-series was announced at the 2014 New York Toy Fair.

Secrets & Spies products


Name Year
Rebelle Agent Bow.jpg Agent Bow 2014
Bliss.jpg Bliss 2014
Nerf Rebelle Diamondista blaster.jpg Diamondista 2014
Nerf Rebelle Messenger blaster.jpg Messenger 2014
Nerf Rebelle Rapid Red blaster.jpg Rapid Red 2014
Nerf Rebelle Spylight blaster.jpg Spylight 2014
4Victory.jpg 4Victory 2015
ArrowRevolution.jpg Arrow Revolution Bow 2015
Codebreaker.jpg Codebreaker Crossbow 2015
CourageCrossbow.jpg Courage Crossbow 2015
FearlessFire.jpg Fearless Fire 2015
MiniMischief.jpg Mini Mischief 2015
SecretShotRebelle.jpg Secret Shot 2015
Slingback.jpg Slingback 2015
StrongheartBow.jpg Strongheart Bow 2015

Product sets

Name Year
Holster combo pack.jpg Holster Combo Pack ?


Name Year
RebelleSSarrow-box.jpg Arrow Refill Pack 2014
SecretMessageDart8.jpg Message Dart Refill Pack 2014
NERF-Rebelle-Molded-Walkie-Talkie--pTRU1-18424107dt.jpg Walkie Talkie 2014
NERF-Rebelle-10-Mile-FRS--pTRU1-19575950dt.jpg FRS Walkie Talkie 2015
Rebelle camcorder alt.jpg HD Action Camcorder 2015
CommandCentreAlt.jpg Command Center ?
Purse-pouch-1.jpg Purse Pouch ?
Backpack-bandolier-3.jpg Ravenheart Bandolier ?
Target-cans-24.jpg Target Cans ?
SASVisionGear.jpg Vision Gear ?


Code Red Collection

Main article: Code Red Collection

The Code Red Collection sub-series features re-released blasters with a new red and white color scheme. Like the Secrets and Spies sub-series, the Code Red Collection features hidden messages on darts and the blasters themselves that can be decoded with a transparent red message decoder.